kipWhile going through the newspapers and blogs this weekend, I suddenly discovered that Bill Gates is investing in plant-based alternatives for meat. For my Dutch followers: on Twitter he even directed to a column by the world famous New York Times columnist Mark Bittman who wrote a piece on our Dutch ‘De Vegetarische Slager’ (The Vegetarian Butcher).

I was a bit surprised that Bill re-tweeted this article, but wasn’t so much anymore when I discovered that clever Bill actually financed companies working on ‘meat’ and ‘eggs’ made 100% of plant material!

There’s an interesting competition going on between so-called ‘in vitro meat’ (developed a.o. at the Maastricht University in The Netherlands) and ‘plant based alternatives for meat’.

In vitro meat is real animal flesh all though it has never been part of a complete, living creature. It is made of animal cells in a laboratory.

Plant based alternatives are imitation meats, like for example fake chicken. Recently I was able to taste this famous ‘fake chicken’, made by ‘The Vegetarian Butcher’ and I have to say: it was better than the real thing.

The Vegetarian Butcher makes fabulous products from soy and lupin and they are enjoying a rapid growth in the Netherlands. With the column of Mark Bittman and the re-tweeds by Bill Gates we might be able to show The Netherlands as animal loving, sustainable and innovative country. Anything better than being known for our efficient super mega sheds for livestock!

Looking forward to see more of this!

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